Dyeing.  All JAQET products are made from domestically sourced full grain 

leather that is hand dyed in house using exclusive JAQET colors.  Dyeing is done using a 

unique technique, giving all JAQET products that signature "grained" look.



Cutting.  All pieces that make up a JAQET wallet are individually cut by hand.  



Punching.  This step is crucial in making sure the stitching stays consistent and controlled.



Sewing.  All JAQET wallets are constructed by hand using a saddle 

stitch. This is a type of stitch that can only be done properly by 

hand, and is more durable than any machine stitch.



Burnishing.  This process is again done by hand and seals the edges 

of the leather so that they do not become too tattered with use.  



Branding.  After every wallet is constructed and has passed 

JAQET quality standards, it is branded and packaged.