What types of payment does JAQET accept?

JAQET accepts most major credit cards as well as Paypal.  You will have the option between these two upon checkout.


Does JAQET charge sales tax?

JAQET charges sales tax for items sold in the state of California (8.25%).  Uncle Sam wants in on this.


What type of care does my new JAQET wallet require? Is there a break in period?

There is no special care that your new JAQET wallet needs. Your new JAQET wallet has been carefully and thoroughly finished in house and will age beautifully over time. Yes, there is definitely a break in period for your new JAQET wallet. Think of your new JAQET wallet like a new baseball glove.  It will be a little stiff in the beginning, but will break in nicely, becoming softer and more flexible as it is used. Really, all you have to do is show it a little love. Below is a comparison shot of a brand new JAQET wallet and a JAQET after about 60 days of use.




If the item I want is sold out, when can I expect to see it back in stock?

Typically, an item will be restocked in the store within two weeks of being sold out.


Does JAQET ship worldwide?

Yes, JAQET is happy to ship to wherever you are on this planet. However, for international orders, please be aware that the buyer is responsible for any customs charge/import taxes (this charge varies from country to country). This is something that depends upon the destination country and is not controlled by JAQET or the shipping provider.