JAQET was established in 2012 with a commitment to offering the sophisticated men of the world a slim, tailored, 100% handmade wallet that will stand the test of time. Inspired by all things stylish ranging from the early cowboy aesthetic to modern fashion, the JAQET brand embodies a true sense of authentic handmade style.

All JAQET products are 100% handmade in California. The dyeing, the cutting, the stitching, and finally the branding of the JAQET logo in the leather are all done in house.  Every product will have its own unique qualities, making no two JAQET pieces exactly alike.

There is a break-in period with all new JAQET products. We begin our process using full grain leather that has been vegetable tanned. You may notice very slight blemishes on your new JAQET wallet. These are natural and are only characteristic of full grain leather which makes for an extremely durable and long lasting product, but does require some breaking in. Think of your new JAQET wallet like a new baseball glove. It will be a little stiff in the beginning, but will break-in nicely, becoming softer and more flexible as it is used. Your JAQET wallet will wear to however you use it, becoming an extension of you and your wardrobe. Below is a comparison shot of a brand new JAQET wallet and one after about 60 days of use.